For Business Owners Over $500K Per Year ONLY

We Will Book Appointments For Your Sales Team With No Changes To Your Business & No Effort From You Using Our AI Sales Agent So You Can

Get Clients On Autopilot

Sign More Clients And Add $10K-$100K In Revenue Without Having to Make Any Changes To Your Business. We Take Your Lead Lists That Have Gone Cold And Use Our AI Sales Agent To Book Sales Appointments Right On Your Calendar

Most companies fail at converting a high percentage of their leads due to the time consuming nature of having a human call, text , email and do all of the follow up activity.

AI has solved this problem. Our AI Sales Agent engages with your leads in real time, has conversations with them, is trained on your product or service, books appointments, and converts these leads to calls better than most humans.

The AI Sales Agent works 24/7/365 booking calls so you can close more deals.

How It Works?

If you have a list of over 3K leads (new or old) then you're sitting on $10K-$100K+ in untapped revenue. 

❌ Humans and current outreach systems are ineffective at following up with leads...

✅ AI has changed the game forever when it comes to converting aged lead lists into booked sales calls for your team to close

Here's how you can blow past your revenue goals WITHOUT spending any of your time or money on more leads, ads, email systems, more employees...anything

✅ We get access to your list of leads that haven't converted into new clients. It doesn't matter how old the list is

✅ We then connect the AI Sales Agent to the list. It will send out messages via text and voicemail to re-engage the prospect

✅ The AI Sales Agent is trained on your product or service and will have detailed human-like conversations around your solution, sometimes better than a live sales agent or appointment setter

✅ The AI Sales Agent's main objective is to get the prospect to book for a sales call

✅ The call is booked right on your team's calendar

✅ You close the sale

So How Much Do I Have To Pay For The AI Sales Agent?

Here's the great part about this system...

You only pay when our AI delivers a qualified sales opportunity

And more importantly, you don't have to pay the cost of time

We aren't a marketing agency up-charging you for services, overpromising and never delivering

So when an agency comes to your business and says "Hey! We will book appointments for you at $300 per call!"

What that means is not only are you not guaranteed a close...

It also means you have do 10-20 hours per week of follow up

What they'll say to you is "it's not that much..." "just have the sales team do it..."

But, I'm assuming you don't have 10-20 hours per week to operate a client acquisition system you've never used before

You don't have a sales team or your sales team doesn't have time...

This is a fully done for you service, calls are booked, and you close them...

What Do I Have To Do To Get Started?

First off is scheduling a no-obligation 30 minute call with our team after you submit an application.

The application only takes 60 seconds to fill out to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

We only work with a handful of clients at a time. You must have a lead list over 3K and a sales team that can handle 20-60 calls a month.

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